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Dmitry Sokolov



Objective: To find a job which can use my skills and experience in the field of interior, exterior and landscape design. 

Education: 1991 - 1993 The Warsaw Academy of Arts (free course - seminar). Acquired profession: Plastic design.

Work experience: March / 1989 - February / 1996 "STUDIO DESIGN" Co. (The director) - Design activities in the field of the architecture, decorating of cultural measures, STUDIO and human resource management, design supervision.

March / 1996 - June / 1998 "PRESS-SERVICE" Co. (The main stylist).Polygraph design for goods packaging, advertising production etc.

June / 1998 - April / 1999 "STROMA - 2" - Building and repair Company (The executive manager). Design of Interiors, small architectural forms, consulting service for interior and decorating accessories shop.

April / 1999 - July / 1999 "VIZART" Co. (the art-director). Management of creative process in the field of polygraph design, recruiting of production personnel, style creation.

May / 2000 - October / 2002 "CENTER of MODERN DESIGN" Co. (The director general).Broad range of abilities in the sphere of management, recruiting, style creation, interior, exterior and polygraph design. 

Languages: Polish - good (oral communication and reading). 

Computer skills: Advanced user in PC software: Windows 98, 2000, XP. MS Office, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, 3DS Max, Corel, ArCon, Adobe Photoshop etc. 

Additional information: Experience in design more then 10 years (in Russia and abroad). Married, have a daughter (14 years old). 

Hobbes: art, fishing, reading.





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